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John Cartwright
John Cartwright was born in 1950 in Leeds, England. He emigrated to Australia with his family as a child and settled in Western Australia.John is a self-taught artist with an individualistic approach to his art.He has developed his own technique of incising the paint surface to give line and form together with gently washed colours which succeed in producing some unique effects. He has experimented extensively with this method to create his individual style.His subject matter is predominantly the landscape of the South West of Western Australia with emphasis on the houses, trees and surrounding bushland.John is a very spiritual person and his paintings can be seen to show mans life from the earthy tenuous hold symbolised by twisting pathways, cottages and trees holding to the earth and reaching up through lifes journey to the celestial.
"Fisherman's Shacks II"
$1280 AUD
Image Size:
46cm by 89cm
Frame Size:
59cm by 101cm
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