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Kevin Penny
Kevin was born in Brisbane in 1934. He showed a natural talent for art from an early age, but it wasnt until after he was married and living in Rockhampton that he decided to study art seriously. He commenced his studies in 1958 with Charles Heywood, a well-known artist in the area, first sketching and then watercolour painting. He continued with art as a hobby using both oil and pastel mediums. In 1979, he studied with Nan Patterson, Royal Queensland Art Society member and teacher in Brisbane. More recently, Kevin has studied with well-known artist and art teacher, Eric Whisson.Kevin strives to capture the light and atmosphere of the Australian landscape, particularly the southeastern corner of Queensland. He is deeply moved by the beauty, grandeur and character of the Australian eucalyptus. He particularly looks for a play of light or the shadow of limbs and foliage falling across and giving shape to the trunks and the old gnarled limbs of the gum tree. He believes all the lumps and bumps on the limbs and trunks give character to these majestic trees.The inspiration for Kevins work comes from the extensive travels he undertakes each year throughout Australia, spending many hours outdoors studying the varied landscapes and coastlines. Kevin mainly seeks out waterholes and creek beds, which together with the eucalypts characterise our great landscape.In his youth Kevin lived beside a dairy farm, and he likes to paint the old cow bales that are slowly disappearing from our countryside. Old houses and farm sheds capture his attention from an artistic point of view.Kevin has been involved in several successful combined and one-man shows. His work hangs in many corporate and private collections throughout Australia including and acquisition of several paintings by the Insolvency & Trustee Services of Australia. Because of Kevins accurate interpretation of the Australian landscape, overseas visitors from England, Ireland, New Zealand and the United States of America have purchased many of his paintings.
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