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Judy Dalozzo
Judith Da Lozzo was born in Adelaide in 1971 and is the daughter of well known artists Lucette and Louis Da Lozzo.Having inherited her parents talent for fine art, which became evident at an early age, Judith cultivated her interest in art with travels to the United States, Canada and Europe. Before even finishing high school, she had already been offered two major international scholarships, one to the Academy of Fine Arts in Chicago and the other to the Academy of Fine Arts in Mons, Belgium.Judith accepted the Belgian scholarship, which carried with it a five-year living allowance, an enormous privilege for any up and coming artist. A lot of hard work and study paid off when in 1993 Judith graduated in the top three at the Academy. This exceptional achievement was celebrated with a successful exhibition at Gallerie Clesse in Mons.Judiths exquisite paintings of flowers exude a quality of freshness, youth and vitality. She also has an innate talent for being able to harmonise the traditional with the modern. This is particularly evident when viewing her geometric still-lives.Judiths work has attracted favourable comment and significant sales to art collectors and investors around the world. Her work can now be found in many private collections throughout Australia, New Caledonia, New Zealand and Europe.
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